Diving Liveaboards


Diving Liveaboards, Cruises and Safaris in the Maldives

     There are two major ways to discover and dive most tropical paradises: through land based operations combining resorts and local diving, and what we believe is the best way to discover an ecosystem in its specificity, minimizing space-time boundaries – through liveaboard diving cruises – also sometimes called “diving safaris”.
Due to its very specific geographical situation and remoteness, the Maldives archipelago is the perfect example of why liveaboard diving holidays are perfect for the keen divers.
Liveaboard diving cruises meet all requirements of a perfect diving holiday at once: it provides top accommodation, excellent food, brightest led small flashlight, socializing with fellow divers and people having the same poles of interest, relax on sun decks, go for a swim or a snorkel peek between dives, and of course, it brings the best of an ecosystem discovery through the variety of dive sites visited and the extreme range of dive capacity offered.
In one word: Liveaboard is the way to go for the enthusiastic divers!…

     Typically, liveaboard vessels will start their journey from nearby Male international airport, and will follow the yearly patterns of current and nutrients fluctuations to ensure divers the maximum chances of big pelagic seeing such as sharks, manta rays and whale sharks, who start their migration through the Indian Ocean from off the Maldives, through the Seychelles, to end off Mozambique and follow warmer currents up to Tanzania, Kenya and the Horn of Africa where they achieve their migration and prepare for the way back…

     Liveaboard cruises usually last for 7 nights from Male airport to either north Male or south Male, and Ari Atolls. Some vessels schedule longer diving cruises with a yearly schedule, but most liveaboard vessels depart from Male on Saturdays or Mondays to return 7 nights later. These schedules allow divers to see as many dive sites as possible through sometimes two to three different atolls.
Please follow the vessels’ links provided below. Each one of those will take you to a high standard, luxury liveaboard vessel offering world-class services at incredible prices.
We are confident in finding the liveaboard cruise most suitable for you and your diving needs.
Full charter for groups and clubs available for most vessels, please contact us with your schedule and number of divers and we shall find a suitable solution for your party…
All liveaboard diving cruises’ prices quoted are inclusive of: accommodation on board, all meals with water tea and coffee throughout the cruise, 3 dives a day, tanks, weights, and dive guide.   Specific inclusions will be mentioned.
Important note: due to the recent increase of gas price, 20 US$ per person per cruise will be added to the cruise prices and handling fees. This extra fee represent a fuel surcharge, and applies to all liveaboard vessels in the Maldives.